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Home-owner's Guidelines For Your Home’s Photography Session:


Our experienced professional photographer was chosen by your Real Estate Agent to take the photos of your home that will be displayed to potential buyers.  Our photographers specialize in taking pictures that will make the best first impression on these potential buyers.


The photography session will typically take no longer than 45 minutes for most homes.  The photographer will choose shots that he/she feels best shows off the home, but will be happy to take any photos you require.


Here are a few tips and guidelines to help you prepare your home for your photo shoot.  By doing these things BEFORE the photographer arrives, the photo session will go smoothly and your pictures will be flawless and available to you and your Realtor in a timely manner.  We want your home to be noticed for all the right reasons and attention to detail will always appeal to a buyer.


Suggestions to make the shoot go smoothly:

 • Have the home clean and ready to photograph BEFORE the photographer arrives.

 • If there are any items that you would not like in the photos, please make certain these items are put away and not visible.

          Examples:  Personal items such as family photos, valuable items...

 • Removing the following items make the rooms look tidy and less distracting:

          • Magnets on the fridge

          • Clutter on bathroom and kitchen counters ( dish soap, scrubbers, shampoos, paper towels...)

          • Remove Robes hanging on doors

          • Children’s Toys

          • Recharger cords or extension cords

 • Clean up and declutter the porch (put away swimming toys, ashtrays...)

 • Roll up the garden house (or remove it altogether)

 • Tidy up the yard—front and back.

 • Clean off the mantel and decorate it sparingly, make sure to remove any personal photos, too.  You want the buyer to imagine that this
          could be their home.

 • Wipe everything down to give it a good shine for the picture.

 • Clean and de-clutter the bedroom.  Make sure the bed is made.

 • Put the toilet seat down.

 • Empty all indoors garbage cans.

 • Turn on all lights and open all blinds in rooms to be photographed.

 • Please have cars removed from driveways and garage doors closed.

 • Remove garbage cans from the street and make sure the garbage area is picked up.

 • Pets—a touchy subject.  Your pet is part of your family; however, a new potential owner may not visualize a pet as part of their future. 
           It is a wise idea to just move any pet items out of sight for the photography session.

 • If there are any areas that you do NOT what pictures of, please make sure to tell your photographer.

 • If you at not going to be in your home when the photographer is scheduled to take photos,

           •  Make sure all alarms are off.

           •  Make sure your pets are secured and the photographer knows where they are.